Feedback on transport provision for our students.

Dear Luhambo Students,

Following extensive discussions with all the stakeholders involved and considering concerns for the provision of transportation from our esteemed Luhambo Residents, we are pleased to announce a significant development.

After thorough discussions culminating in our meeting on February 21, 2024, it was mutually agreed upon that we will now be providing 50% transportation weekly for our students. Please note that this financial contribution can only work efficiently when every student has completed the onboarding process on the NSFAS portal. This step is crucial for enabling management to meet their financial obligations for transport provision.

Operations for this service are scheduled to commence this week. This will allow our chosen service provider adequate time to establish and implement an efficient system, ensuring the seamless operation of this service. Only students with signed onboarded NSFAS leases will be allowed to access transport services. See the link provided:

We appreciate the collaboration and input from all parties involved in reaching this decision and look forward to the positive impact this transportation provision will have on our students’ access to educational opportunities.

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure smooth operations within our residence and to provide essential services effectively, we would like to remind all students who have not yet been onboarded on the NSFAS portal to do so promptly.

By completing this process, you enable the timely processing of payments, which is crucial for covering the operational costs associated with running the residence efficiently.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated, as it directly impacts our ability to provide the necessary resources and support to all residents.

Issued by

Luhambo Student Accommodation Management