Dear Luhambo Students,

We advise that the actions of intimidating, harassing, threatening and/or assaulting any student, staff member, or contractor are unlawful. Participating in, calling for, inciting, or encouraging unlawful activities aimed at disrupting the proper functioning of the Luhambo Student Accommodation property is unlawful and will have legal consequences which may result in criminal records and suspension of studies for those acting unlawfully.

We have engaged with NSFAS and UMP on the transport grievances as the rate that was approved does not make it feasible to provide transport, hence we are awaiting feedback from NSFAS with regards to a rate increase. We have indicated to student leadership that we are open to constructive meetings with them. We trust that you will heed this notice.

We also wish to advise on our process of appeal. We received initial communication from NSFAS on Thursday, 29 February 2024 and sent our motivation and objection letter on the 6th of March 2024 and the 20th March 2024. We have also engaged with industry bodies, UMP, and officials to assist in resolving this matter throughout this period.

Thank you.

Luhambo Student Accommodation Management.